his hair prevents him from walking

The poor cat’s hair was totally tangled. It is often thought that cats living on the streets can survive without problems thanks to their hunting instinct, but unfortunately cities are not a natural environment where felines can thrive as they would in the wild. Indeed, they tend to contract many diseases, they are the subject ofuncontrolled reproduction and are victims of many other problems.

The cat in this story, called Frisbee, was very lucky to be rescued. Taking him off the streets allowed him to be completely transformed. For a long time he wandered the streets unnoticed by hundreds of passers-by, when he was cold and hungry, until a group of volunteers from the Lowell Trap-Neuter-Returne Coalition took him over.

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As soon as they managed to catch him with special rescue traps, which was not at all easy, they immediately took him to the premises of the Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society where he was examined by professionals. The veterinarians who treated him said he was covered in dirt, hungry and very scared, and his long hair was completely matted.

The cat’s hair was so tangled that he could barely walk.

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Thanks to these beautiful people, the feline received the help it needed. The Merrimack Feline Rescue Society said he was therefore found outside in a terrible state as his hair was severely matted. He was captured as part of a program, Trap-Neuter-Return, and was transported for assistance. They also discovered that he needed dental surgery.

Frisbee had no doubt led a very hard life, his fur tangle was so heavy and uncomfortable that he had difficulty moving. But despite all these problems, he did not have a fracture, which helped to make his rehabilitation less complicated.

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Once he was taken to the vet, the first thing his rescuers did was cut all his extremely matted hair and give him treatment for his teeth so he could eat better. From day one, he was very gentle with everyone. After each treatment, he snuggled up against his caregivers to rest.

This magnificent feline received all the attention it needed to regain its health. Once fully cured, he was put up for adoption to find a forever home. Even if he never finds an adopter, the silver lining is knowing that he is in the care of the best people and will never lack for anything. Thus, he will never again have to wander aimlessly in life.

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