His encounter with a whale leaves this dog literally speechless (video)

Usually very noisy, Skipper the dog was totally silent when he found himself face to face with a whale during a sea trip. As if he was trying to better understand what was happening before his eyes and to take full advantage of this fascinating spectacle.

Skipper is a beautiful one year old Australian Shepherd. His mistress, the specialist in marine biology Nancy Blackis also the owner of the Monterey Bay Whale Watch. Based at Monterey in California, this company organizes whale watching excursions in the bay of the same name.

His dog therefore often takes part in sea trips, in particular by embarking on the Point On Clipper, 55-foot (16.8-meter) monohull. It is precisely by being on board this boat that Skipper had a great meeting on Monday, October 31, reported Yahoo!.

The scene was filmed by Evan Brodskyfrom the team Monterey Bay Whale Watch, and the video posted on the channel Youtube the company.

We see the Aussie completely obsessed with a humpback whale approaching the Point On Clipper, while the latter was stopped for nearly 2 hours. During all this time, the cetacean swam gracefully near the boat. Every time she surfaced, Skipper stopped to admire it.

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“He was silent, trying to understand what was going on”

Despite his excitement and his incessant comings and goings on deck, the dog barely barked, he who was used to giving voice. ” During those 2 hours he was silent most of the time, just trying to figure out what was going on. “says indeed Evan Brodsky.

This specifies that the quadruped ” comes to watch the whales all the time, but he usually stays in the cockpit, so this was his first close encounter “.

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He adds that Monterey Bay Whale Watch is a “dog-friendly” company, in the sense that “ well-behaved dogs are welcome on our trips “.

Here is the video in question:


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