here’s how many times you can safely reuse it

Not easy to manage the cooking oil step. From the start of the preparation of the recipe to the tasting, there is only one step!

Cooking oil like you’ve never read it before!

Taken from Youtube, this video makes us smile. Indeed, who would have the courage to fry such incongruous food? Anyway, we do not know if the game is really worth the candle. Impossible to imagine the state of the cooking oil present inside the device. By the way, speaking of her, do you know all these secrets ? Without further ado, Objeko answers all the questions you never dared to ask before.

Harmful or not?

After a few minutes, a strange smoke emerges from your pan or saucepan. This is a sign that it is absolutely necessary to interrupt the preparation of your recipe of the day. Indeed, if the cooking oil burns, it does not smell good (literally and figuratively). Therefore, your reflex should be to take it into account for your next attempt. By wanting to go fast, you misconfigured your stove. The highest degree will inevitably damage your piece of meat. How sad ! This return to square one forces you to find another idea for the meal.

A valuable landmark

Debris from cooking oil looks like earth. However, these residues of charred food do not bode well. That is why, once cooled, you must put them in the trash. In this article, Objeko tackled the delicate problem of waste. Attention, it is not by acting like that that you will preserve your health, budget and the planet. This has the merit of being clear and clear. While products are still out of stock, the price of cooking oil is breaking records. Willing to come to the least to get a bogus one, customers are losing hope for better days. Again, we wouldn’t recommend that you compare everything before buying gold. The scam is never far away!

What you need to remember about cooking oil

Even if there are fries that can do without cooking oil, there is always someone who uses an obsolete model. The least you can do is advise him to change the one that is present in your old device. After a quarter of good and loyal service, it’s time to throw it away, but especially not in the sink. There are bound to be other places near your home that are suitable. Finally, dispose of leftovers in suitable containers, depending on the food family, is an excellent idea. Now that you have all this data, you cannot say thatObjeko did not warn you of the danger. Spread the message to those around you and see you in our next issue!

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