Here’s everything you need to know when sleeping with your cat

Sleeping with a cat, is it good or bad? You should know that there are several pros and cons that you need to consider and then decide which is best. It is true that your cat is part of your daily life, you share many moments together and this leads you to have a number of things in common, one of them being to sleep together.

To really know the truth and answer the question of whether or not it is good to sleep with your cat, several studies have been carried out. These reveal that there are several midpoints when it comes to sharing a bed with your feline friend at bedtime, and the worst that can happen is that you have poor sleep quality.

One of the studies was carried out in Australia by the public university, Central Queensland University, where they revealed that one of the positive effects of being accompanied by your cat at bedtime is that it produces a sense of security and companionship, social support and interaction benefits.

Everything you need to know if you love sleeping with your cat

It’s important to know that cats tend to be quite active at night and this research was done on cats that were calmer and had similar sleep cycles to their owners. People need to go through these sleep cycles in order to generate a pleasant rest that will allow them to go about their daily activities without problems or feeling exhausted.

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Thereby, if your feline companion tends to be more active at night, for example, if he constantly gets out of bed, wakes you up with noises, walks around the room or house, fetches food, or just wants to play at four in the morning, that’s when that you will notice that sleeping next to him will not be a good option.

Your cat’s high activity at night will prevent you from recovering with a good night’s deep sleep. That’s why the next day you won’t feel like you’ve rested and this, believe it or not, will happen even if it doesn’t wake you up. Cats tend to have various needs that sometimes arise at rest, for instinctive reasons.

You might like to try changing some of your feline’s habits or at least trying to influence it, but cats tend to be very independent and strong willed. So, there are some things you won’t be able to change, because they’ll always be looking for what they think is best for their well-being. The ideal is not to force your pet to fall asleep with you, nor to try to make him repress his needs, whatever they may be.

However, you should know that studies do not show that sleeping next to your cat will cause major health problems. If your pet is calm, sleeping with your cat will probably work, and if your cat is very active, you’ll need to decide what’s best for both of you.

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