Here is the best cassoulet in the supermarket, according to “60 Million consumers”, and it only costs 5 €

It is the star of Occitan gastronomy. Composed of tender beans and a mixture of meats, cassoulet is one of those generous and comforting little stews that we like to savor during the fall-winter. If nothing beats a homemade recipe, canned cassoulets can also be interesting when you’re short on time or just don’t like to cook. In the canned food section of supermarkets, the references are legion. ” Traditional duck cassoulet », « Cassoulet from Castelnaudary », « Toulouse cassoulet ” or ” Cassoulet simmered »… there is no shortage of designations and brands and it is often difficult to make the right choice. Are all these industrial products equal? Do they live up to the traditional version? And what is the recipe that offers the most at the best price »? For the knowledge, 60 Million consumers conducted the investigation in its special issue Terroir, scams and good products.

E.Leclerc, Carrefour, Jean Larnaudie… 7 cassoulets screened

In total, seven canned cassoulets were analyzed by the magazine specializing in consumer protection: two from national brands (La Belle Chaurienne and Jean Larnaudie) and five from distributor brands (Pays gourmand from Aldi, Reflets de France from Carrefour , Our Regions have talent from E.Leclerc, Itineraries of flavors from Intermarché and U Saveurs). To establish his list, 60 Million consumers took into account the Nutri-Score, the quantity of meat or the fat, carbohydrate and salt content.

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Canned cassoulet: check the duck/pork ratio

First observation? Overall, the canned cassoulets are up to par. What makes the difference between the products: the quantity of meat and the duck/pork ratio, duck being the more expensive of the two. Pay attention to this detail when you make your choice at the supermarket. Also compare the content of salt and saturated fatty acids (the bad fat) because some references contain more than others. Good news regarding the origin of the product, the magazine did not find any deception: all the cassoulets analyzed are made in the South-West, or even in Castelnaudary. As for the best references, Jean Larnaudie and Reflets de France from Carrefour “ do well with French meats and recipes without too much fat or sugar “. But the cassoulet signed Carrefour remains The good choice thanks to its very affordable price, only €6.10 per kilo.

Here is the best cassoulet in the supermarket, according to 60 Million consumers :

The right choice according to the magazine: Cassoulet from Castelnaudary, Reflections of France, Carrefour, €5.20

And also : Real cassoulet from Castelnaudary, Jean Larnaudie, €7.20

Real cassoulet from Castelnaudary, Jean Larnaudie, €7.20


Be careful, some references include more pork (cheaper) than duck.

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