Here is the 4 letter word with which a cat, even an alley cat, will obey you

The word to get the attention of cats. We all know that although cats are our pets, they are actually very independent and they are the ones who decide when to pay attention to you, it doesn’t matter if you call them by name or you try to attract them with a sound. They are animals that generally do not pay attention when called.

Knowing this, how to do so that, even without knowing the cat, we can attract his attention so that he approaches. There is a four-letter interjection that is used colloquially to attract cats. At the same time, there is another to scare them away which is the word “zape”, which perhaps you have already heard. Getting back to getting a cat’s attention, you might have heard that other interjection somewhere too.

This word has been used for centuries. This interjection is therefore rooted in popular wisdom and has many variations. According to your geographical locationyou may have heard a similar root, although all of these variants have the same meaning and really work to get the feline’s attention.

Know the 4 letter word to get cats attention.

The pronunciation of this interjection does not matter, because what is really important is the attitude you show. You need to convey your calmness to the cat, so that it does not see you as a danger or a threat. The word in question is used to capture the attention of the cat, trying to arouse its curiosity and keep it calm, so it imitates the sound of a soft hiss.

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This way you can get the attention of a cat you know, and you can also call him by his name to increase your chances of successor you can also use this word with unknown cats that you may meet on the street.

Also, if you crouch, cats won’t see you as a threat and will be more confident to approach you. You can add to this whistle a finger movement associated with the gesture of money, by rubbing your thumb against your index and middle fingers, to attract not only their auditory attention, but also their visual attention.

The word we’re talking about is MISO and it’s common to repeat it several times in a soft, relaxed tone to make the cat trust you. If you’ve never heard it beforeyou may be more familiar with some of its derivatives, like “misi”, “put” or simply “put”. There is even a children’s song called “Misi gatito”as it is probably one of the best-known variations.

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