Here are the top 5 most cuddly dog ​​breeds

A dog is a real commitment, like any animal. If you want a sociable and very affectionate animal, there are certain breeds that will give excellent characters. Find out!

Thinking of adopting a new companion, but unsure about the breed? Are you looking for a sweet and faithful animal? Here are five dog breeds that are very cuddly and far too adorable not to crack…

The king of hugs: the Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is a dog with a good character, a cousin of the Labrador. Playful, cuddly and patient, he is the perfect companion for a daily life full of tenderness.

2. The Yorkshire: small and terribly cute

There are many Yorkshire owners. And for good reason, this very sensitive little ball of fur loves to be cuddled. Beware, however, of its capricious side.

3. The Pug: loyal and affectionate

The Pug is an adorable little dog who is very cuddly and very loyal. It will accompany you with pleasure on your shopping trips! He is also a very calm dog who loves having his stomach scratched.

4. The German Shepherd: Unfailing Loyalty

Despite its rugged and sometimes impressive appearance, the German Shepherd is a dog whose loyalty is unfailing. Obedient, easy to train and patient, he will give you as much love as he wants.

5. The Dachshund: he will follow you like your shadow

The Dachshund is a dog with a strong character, but if he is well trained, he will be a very faithful four-legged companion and will follow you wherever you go. When he is not by your side for a long walk, he will be happy to sleep on his back in the warmth of your sofa.

It doesn’t matter the race, the most important thing is in the end education. If you want to adopt a dog, you have to take the time to teach him the basics, like for a child. Adopting is therefore not to be done on a whim! Find more details in the video at the top of the article!

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