here are the 10 products whose price has exploded the most in 1 year and, no, mustard is not one of them

Inflation continues its mad dash. This is in any case what emerges from the latest barometer of the NielsenIQ institute, dedicated to the evolution of the prices of consumer products. After +7.59% in September, inflation reached +9.35% in October compared to the same period last year. Now, 100% of consumer products, fresh and self-service are impacted by rising prices. ” Our previous ‘economic situation’ revealed that inflation was the main concern of the French (52%), ahead of global warming (43%), the war in Ukraine (32%) and finally the health crisis (11%)analyzes Nicolas Léger, director of analytical customer service at NielsenIQ. Our latest surveys do not deny this underlying trend (…) It will undoubtedly force consumers to review the composition of their basket and brands to show creativity (promotion) and adaptation to reduce the bill more and more salty shopping carts “.

The price of frozen meats and poultry has soared

As for products, frozen meat and poultry are the champions of inflation, with a jump of +28.57% in one year. In particular: the increase in the cost of production of meat, the price of energy and animal feed. It should be noted that the increase is even greater within distributor brands (+ 30.93%) than manufacturer brands (+ 25.83%). Second in the standings? The paper towel which is experiencing a surge of + 23.48%. Pasta closes this top three with a spectacular jump of +20.36%. The increase even reached +34.5% among entry-level brands.

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Inflation is lower in discount stores and drive-thru

Overall, it is mainly the less expensive reputable brands that are most affected by inflation. Distributor brands (which are managed by brands, such as Leclerc or Carrefour) thus jumped by + 12.16% and the first prices by + 13.48%. It is much less for national brands (which belong directly to manufacturers) which only increase by + 8.11%. Last lesson of this study: if you want to lighten your receipt, it is towards the drive and the discount brands, like Aldi or Lidl, that you have to turn. At home, the rise in prices remains more moderate: respectively + 8.47% and + 8.40%, against + 10.05% in supermarkets.

Here are the 10 most inflationary products (between October 2021 and October 2022), according to NielsenIQ:

1. Frozen meat, poultry, offal and charcuterie: + 28.57%
2. Paper towels: +23.48%
3. Pasta: +20.36%
4. Oil: + 19.35%
5. Toilet paper: +17.92%
6. Butter, margarine, fresh cream: + 16.56%
7. Eggs: +14.86%
8. Canned vegetables: +14.24%
9. Pulses: + 13.84%
10. Fresh industrial bread-making: +13.45%

+ 28.57% in one year: the increase is bloody for frozen meat and poultry.

the evolution of inflation over one year 2022

the 10 products whose price has increased the most

inflation in retail circuits

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