Hérault: abandoned in a dumpster, two kittens saved thanks to a chain of solidarity

Municipal police, Sdis firefighters and veterinarians… After the alert from a resident of Montarnaud, everyone mobilized this Wednesday, August 17 to save two kittens stuck in a dumpster intended for the user glass. An “incredible act of mistreatment” for the municipal police chief.

It was the municipal police officers of Montarnaud who were alerted first on Wednesday August 17. Thomas Barbe, the head of department says: “A lady called us. She was just driving her cat to the veterinary office and stopped on the way at the containers on Nelson-Mandela Street. There, her cat’s meowing caught her attention. In fact, he was in communication with two kittens in distress present in the dumpster for the glass. Given the configuration of the place, it is impossible that they could have jumped on their own. It is an incredible act of mistreatment!

The two kittens thrown into the container

Someone had thrown the two kittens into the dumpster. From there, the chain of solidarity continues. Sylvie Perret, guard brigadier explains: “My colleague put down a board to allow the kittens to climb up, but too small or too weak, they couldn’t do it. He then tried to get into the dumpster but was not equipped to do so. He was therefore called on the firefighters of the SDIS of Vailhauquès to come and rescue the two little felines.”

Two female firefighters, happy to help and well equipped, intervened. One was able to get into the dumpster and join the frightened kittens. Placed in a cage, they were then able to be brought to the La Tanière veterinary practice in Montarnaud.

They must have been locked up for 24 or 48 hours and were starting to have sores on their pads

Doctor Marion Leleu provided them with first aid. “They are 2 or 3 months old. They must have been locked up for 24 or 48 hours and were starting to have sores on their pads. They were extremely stressed and threw themselves on the food.”

The SPA will be alerted so that the veterinarian can carry out all the care (sterilization, vaccines, chipping) and so that they can find a foster family.

A few days of socialization are set up within the practice so that these two adorable kittens, the black male and the tabby female, can be adopted by a loving family at the end of this pretty chain of solidarity.

Veterinary contact: 04 67 55 45 00.

Midi Libre correspondent: 06 22 56 16 51

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