HEALTH and NUTRITION. The true and the false about food, 3 received ideas to be wary of

Starches make you fat. Do not drink during meals! Breakfast is an essential meal for the day… so many phrases that we hear regularly. But are they true? Astrid Romain, micronutritionist answers you.

We hear everywhere ideas according to which drinking would make you lose weight, starchy foods would make you fat, drinking during meals would be bad or that soup would make your stomach swell. But are these ideas true? Astrid Romain, micronutritionist and columnist on the show “You are great” has decided to respond to three myths about food.

Astrid Romain is a graduate in micronutrition. Its ambition is to help people prevent health problems. Food is at the heart of these issues. She regularly intervenes in the program “You are great” hosted by Ariane Brodier. Today, she responds to three preconceived ideas about food:

Breakfast is necessary for the day

Drum beats! Well, yeah ! Breakfast is essential to last through the morning, but it is only necessary for children and teenagers, as their bodies are under construction. Adults can very well do without it if they wish. It’s not an obligation !

For adults, breakfast is only necessary for those who are hungry. Those who are not hungry, especially do not force yourself.

There is no point in forcing yourself. you have enough reservations and you will find a moment to refuel as it should be during the day.

If, however, you decide to prepare a breakfast, choose foods that are not too sweet, proteins and above all a drink, hot or cold, as you wish.

Starches make you fat

Are rice, semolina, pasta, wheat, bulgur, corn really fattening? This is the question we asked Astrid Romain. Here is his response:

Yes and no ! Know that it is necessary to have a supply of sugar during the day and starchy foods are slow sugars so it is a sugar that will provide energy throughout the day.

Starches gather all food sources of carbohydrates like cereals (wheat, rice, maize, rye, etc.), pulses (beans, broad beans, lentils, etc.) and potatoes or tubers (fries, dauphine potatoes, etc.).

All containstarch, a complex carbohydrate that makes your digestion slower. However, they also contain amino acids. Once associated, they will form proteins.

When we eat starches, lentils, peas or rice, there will be a secretion of amino acids which will tell the body: “It’s good. Stop storing. We have what it takes”. So, not eating starchy foods at all makes you fat.

It’s all aboutbalance. You will understand, you have to eat a sufficient amount of starches. Pay attention to the quantities!

Do not drink during meals

It’s true ! It is advisable to do not drink during meals. We will see why.

The stomach is a pocket and in this pocket, the stomach will put enzymes to be able to digest. When we start to digest, there must be enough enzymes. When we add water, these enzymes become diluted.

Drink during meals request extra strain on the stomach when digestion. So we shouldn’t drink a lot when we eat.

Staying hydrated during meals has a cost on the quality of digestion.

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