he smashes a bank to rescue a small dog

By Yoann Boffo

A homeless man tried to break through the glass airlock to free his faithful companion on Monday, November 21. Half an hour later, a young passerby smashed it with a manhole cover. Both were arrested

Who would remain indifferent to the fate of an innocent little animal? Monday, November 21, around 11:30 p.m., the dog of a homeless man remains stuck in the glass airlock of a bank in downtown Bayonne. Fairly drunk, the 40-year-old man stalks the window, without managing to break it. The police question him in front of the starry glass. They are called back half an hour later.

This time, the fate of the animal moved a passerby. This 18-year-old grabbed a manhole cover to smash the window. Negative in the alcohol test, but in a state suggesting the absorption of substances, he was taken into custody. He is to be summoned to court at a later date. The SDF must still be heard. As for the canine, he escaped with minor injuries. The police took him to a veterinarian.

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