He is soon expelled with his 18 dogs, a call for solidarity is launched

“Please, we need you for these darlings and this gentleman who dedicates his life to his doggies”, launches the APEBA association this Sunday. A race against the clock is engaged before next Thursday.

As with each operation of this kind, all eyes are on the households that can contribute. Foster families and associations are expected for 13 dogs because the soon-to-be-evicted gentleman wants to keep 5 dogs to which he is very attached.

“These dogs are magnificent, very well educated, obedient, clean, sociable with congeners and all sterilized females. He did not breed uncontrollably but all these dogs were saved from the squats of Saint-Denis, those of Bas de la Rivière and those towards the Barachois bus station… in recent years by taking them out just before the tortures. We met him yesterday. His stories are frightening. He asks for help and agrees to place a family of fostered and put up for adoption 13 of his dogs. They are small to medium sized, aged between 6 months and 3 yearsdescribes the association. We study all your proposals. The dogs will be identified and sterilized with funding from the APEBA project.”

The help of the town hall of Saint-Denis is also welcome on the social aspect. “We ask the town hall and the CCAS services to help him be relocated” with this same deadline.


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