He immortalizes a shark behind a surfer in full competition

The snapshot of his life. Photographer Jordan Anast took an exceptional photo last Saturday while covering a surfing competition on San Onofre beach, between Los Angeles and San Diego (USA); reports the HuffPost.

He managed to capture the jump of a great white shark, right behind a surfer in full action. “What an exciting 24 hours have passed since this photo was posted! “, Jordan Anast testified on his Instagram account on Tuesday, mentioning the “uninterrupted media coverage” to which his photo was entitled.

A shark breeding ground

The photographer, who is aware that such an event will not happen again “never again”, said that he had first thought he was facing a big dolphin. But the place where the competition took place is actually a protected beach, a known breeding area for juvenile great white sharks. Two famous sharks have lived in this area: Fluffy and Bumper.

This is not the first time that sharks have been spotted in the middle of surfing competitions. In 2019, a shark appeared in full competition in an area a little north of San Onofre beach, recalls the HuffPost. In 2021, the World Surf League finals had to be interrupted after a shark jumped near surfers.

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