have a good breakfast and lose weight, yes, it is possible!

In nutrition, we often hear everything and its opposite. Eat only when you are hungry, split meals to make 16: how to get there, especially when you can’t imagine going without breakfast ? That turns out well, there seems to be a better time to not only be able to take one, but also lose weight. We try ?

Why is breakfast important?

For those who quickly swallow a cup of coffee or who can’t stand anything before lunch, it’s better to remember that breakfast brings us 80% of our energy for the hours to come.

What to wonder if it would not be better to change our habits, in particular when you need strength and concentration at work. However, how to force yourself, when, just at the thought of eating, you feel like your heart is pounding? It is true that when you get out of bed, this is not always easy.

Fortunately, a study by King’s College London, in the UK could reconcile yourself with breakfast, while making you lose a few pounds in passing.

What time should we have breakfast to lose weight permanently?

According to the professor who made this discovery, eating before leaving for work would be heresy. This would result in disrupt our digestive system and therefore, thereby would have a noticeable impact on our possible weight loss.

If we believe the words of this professor, we should have our breakfast at 11am. Why ? Quite simply because we wouldn’t need to eat lunch.

In addition, when eating in the late morning and evening, the distance between the two meals increases. Between the evening meal and that of the following morning, more than 16 hours can pass, which is similar to intermittent fasting whose virtues have been proven to feel fitter and lose weight.

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