Hautes-Alpes: a dog stuck on a cliff for three days, he is rescued by a human chain

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SPA volunteers formed a human chain to rescue a dog stuck on a cliff in the Hautes-Alpes. The animal was weakened and dehydrated. The firefighters refused to intervene.

It was a resident who sounded the alarm. A dog seemed stuck on a cliff opposite her home in La Saulce in the Hautes-Alpes. She calls the fire department to rescue her. They refuse unless they have to pay the bill: 600 euros. “When there is no vital emergency or risk to property, we charge for this kind of intervention”, explains the chairman of the board of directors of SDIS 05 Marcel Cannat, to our colleagues from BFM Dici.

This resident then contacted the SPA of the Southern Alps. The association sets up a chain of solidarity to be able to save the dog. A soldier from the 4th regiment of alpine hunters in Gap, specialized in mountain rescue, and seven volunteers got together to carry out the rescue operation.

After a first location on Saturday evening, the rescue mission was launched on Sunday September 11 at the start of the day. Six hours are needed to rescue the animal.

The dog was weakened and dehydrated and showed an advanced state of thinness. The SPA has identified its owner.

An animal abuse investigation has been opened.

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