Harvey Weinstein trial: his lawyer makes a daring request to one of the accusers

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Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer, who stops at nothing to defend the producer, did not hesitate to make a rather daring request to one of the accusers, who came to testify.

In early October, the new trial for rape and sexual assault of Harvey Weinstein opened in Los Angeles. The 70-year-old producer has already been convicted in New York, where he has been serving a 23-year prison sentence since 2020 for sexual assault and rape.

Tuesday, November 15, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, the wife of the current governor of California Gavin Newsom, came to testify. In tears, the former actress said she was raped by Harvey Weinstein in a suite at the Peninsula hotel in 2005 during a professional meeting, as reported by TF1. She revealed that she faked an orgasm to cut short the assault. “I was making noises for him to finish. He had already raped me. It’s really dirty, I’m sorry,” she explained.

Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer, Mark Werksman, who will stop at nothing to defend the producer, did not hesitate to make a daring request to him. During cross-examination on Wednesday, he asked her to specify “what kinds of noises” she had made, indicate our colleagues.

“We’re not in When Harry Met Sally!”, replied Jennifer Siebel Newsom, referring to the film in which Meg Ryan fakes an orgasm in front of Billy Crystal in a restaurant. “I’m not going to do it”.

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