Happy Meal and Asmodee: the essential games to find in children’s menus

During your visit to Mc Donalds restaurants, you will have the joy of introducing your children to Happy Meals and Asmodee: essential family games. Indeed, when purchasing a Happy Meal, you can choose between 4 Asmodee games: Dobble, Cortex Challenge Kid, Cardline Animals and Tic Tac Boom Junior. With Happy Meal and Asmodee: the essential games, spend a moment of relaxation with your family by stimulating different qualities such as speed, memory, vocabulary or even general knowledge. For lovers of reading, you can continue to enjoy the different counts of the “Happy Meal” collection.

Children particularly appreciate meals in their favorite Mc Donalds restaurant not only for the burgers they offer but also for the surprises they discover with their Happy Meal menu.

The restaurants offer you in this new school year 2022 to continue having a good time with your family with 4 new games which have a great success:

  • double : this game uses your speed and your memory by trying to find two identical images
  • Cardline Animals : your children will be able to discover and recognize the animals of the Cardline universe
  • Cortex Challenge Kids : it stimulates the memory of its participants, young and old
  • Tic Tac Boom Junior : Avoid firing a bomb by expanding your vocabulary

You will be able to continue reading the famous counts of the collection Happy Meal with new characters like the lion and the squirrel. To take advantage of other great deals, discover the Coca Mc Do 2022 glass to collect legendary glasses.

How to get with Happy Meal and Asmodee: the must-have games?

To take advantage of this offer, you will need to go in your Mc Donalds restaurant closest and order a Happy Meal menu either in the restaurant or at the drive-thru of the latter.

You can now take advantage of this offer and enjoy a family meal at the same time.

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