Halloween: sweets that sting, synthetic flavourings… which treats should be avoided or favored for children?

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Who says Halloween obviously says candies and sweets! To favor the health of your children’s teeth, here are some examples of treats to avoid or to favor.

Haribo, Carambar, Têtes brûlées… Who says Halloween of course says sweets and treats. But some types of sweets are far more harmful than you might think. To avoid cavities as the holiday season approaches, here are some sweets to avoid or favor.

Sour candies

They are well ahead of the sweets to be avoided. Burnt heads, itchy tongues and other cola bottles are all bad treats for your children’s health. Indeed, as the French Food Safety Agency (Afssa) reminds us, these are often composed of several acids: citric, malic or tartaric. Result: too much consumption can irritate the inside of the mouth of the little ones.

Candies with synthetic flavors

As stated at RTL Angélique Houlbert, dietician and nutritionist, “if you don’t understand a word in the list of ingredients, you leave the package on the shelf”. This goes for candies with synthetic flavors, most of which are unhealthy. Remember one rule: the brighter the color, the more powerful the dye, and therefore harmful.

Pork gelatin candies

Here, there is no real health risk, but rather an ethical consideration. Because if you didn’t know, know that a very large number of candies are made from food gelatin from the skin of pigs. It is also this same skin that is used in many everyday products, such as in certain medicines, desserts and even fruits or vegetables.

Preferred sweets

To have a serene Halloween, turn to organic candies, which do not show traces of synthetic coloring or flavorings. The Koalas of Lutti, the organic Krema or even the Rotella from Haribo are all treats that respect the health of your children. As for pork gelatin, you can opt for vegetable gelatin, such as that made from agar-agar. Of course, if you have some cooking skills, it’s always best to prepare your own homemade sweets.

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