Guided by her maternal instinct, this cat adopted two abandoned kittens in addition to her litter of 5

A mother’s love knows no bounds, and this pussy just proved it!

When sun flower, a stray cat, realized that she was pregnant, she started looking for help to feed her future babies. She spotted a house where the living room window was open, and only hampered by a mosquito net. She approached and waited in front of the entrance, as if she felt that good souls would be ready to take care of her and her little ones in this house.

The family immediately fed Sunflower

sun flower had indeed fallen well, since the house belonged to Kara Yanceya host family from the shelter Living The Dream Rescue, Arizona (United States). As soon as Kara saw sun flower, she dropped him some food on the porch. She immediately understood that the feline was expecting babies.

Day after day, sun flower showed up in front of the house, waiting to be fed. But she wasn’t used to humans and always kept a safe distance from them.

After a few weeks Sunflower became less wild

After several weeks of being patiently fed by Kara and his family, sun flower dared to come a little closer. She even let herself be stroked. Finally, the cat chose to move in with them a few days before giving birth to 5 adorable kittens.

sun flower had taken the time to make sure that the place and the humans were safe, before deciding to give birth in this house. She was then very happy to have a roof for her little ones, and not to have to worry about finding food. This allowed her to devote herself full time to her babies.

A big heart in which there was still room

Like a twist of fate, Kara got a call from the shelter a week later. Two orphan kittens whose lives were hanging by a thread needed a mother urgently.

That’s when our shelter tried to see if we could take these babies. They wanted to see if Sunflower would accept them as their own. It was their best chance of survival, because they were so young and fragile.“, Told Kara at lovemeow.

When Kara went home with the two little ones, and they started meowing, sun flower ran up. The kittens’ cries of distress activated her maternal instinct. Without hesitation, she began to groom and nurse the unknown felines. And in just a few minutes, the orphans became full members of the litter of sun flower.

Today, the 7 babies are doing very well and will be offered for adoption, as well as the mother, when the time is right.

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