Gueuleton, the sign of bon vivants, sets up its last lair in Montauban

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The brand popular with bon vivants will open its doors on November 16 in place of the Meilleur Restaurant de la Rue, in the Villebourbon district. In the meantime, Alexis and Jean-Baptiste, the two creators make us salivate.

Take out your diaries: for lovers of good bectance, the coming weeks promise to be delightful. On Wednesday, November 16, Gueuleton, the brand created ten years ago by Vincent Bernard-Camparat and Arthur Edange is settling in Montauban.

Today, with about fifteen restaurants and a dozen caterers, scattered from Bordeaux to Reims, via Aix-en-Provence or Pau, the concept of “Gueuleton does not work on the franchise system, but affiliation”, assures Alexis Catalan. It is the latter who was therefore selected to create, with Jean-Baptiste Huchet, the Tarn-et-Garonne restaurant of the brand.

In the jargon of the Gueletons, they are not franchisees but “ambassadors” of good luck who play the card of good food and good humor. After visiting several establishments in Montalban, the two Toulouse residents have set their sights on “Le Meilleur Restaurant de la Rue”, located in rue Palisse, in the Villebourbon district. They then bought the establishment created in 1998 by Marc Laurentie.

In the small world of “Renes de bons vivants” – the subtitle of the brand – the two partners in the Montalbanaise adventure are no strangers since they already operate a catering business for the same brand. in Toulouse, a tapas bar in Agen and a pantry in Bordeaux. Enough to ensure a gourmet succession in the rue Palisse.

An immersive cooking experience

To design their new cave of Ali Baba combining terroir, gastronomy and fraternal spirit, the two friends have done a lot of work, but without turning everything upside down, either.

“We wanted to keep the soul of this restaurant. We will be able to do something here that corresponds to the spirit of conviviality that we want to give and Gueuletons. The restaurant will have 90 seats in winter and 120 in summer. As soon as the weather is nice, we’ll cook outside, with braziers set up in the yard,” explains Alexis.

Otherwise, everything has been revisited as an ode to epicureans. As, when arriving at this restaurant, customers will dream more of prime rib than of quinoa, they can visit the meat maturation cellar and choose their piece directly. A wine cellar will also be part of the restaurant’s decor, offering no less than 150 references initially and nearly 300 later.

Philosophy of the place obliges, a large table is planned for the groups. Upon reservation, the experience of sitting at a table of six to eight people set up in the kitchens will also be possible. “The idea is to see the cooks working up close and share this immersive moment.”

Tarn-et-Garonne snails à la carte

On the menu side, the Gueleton system which refuses standardization leaves a lot of choice to its ambassadors. In Montauban, Alexis and Jean-Baptiste will, of course, use the ingredients that have proven their worth: pies, pork of all kinds, ripened cheeses galore, ribs of beef from all over… But many other dishes are worth a detour: sweetbreads with morels and yellow wine, scallops roasted in citrus butter and risotto, free-range poultry stuffed with herbs, fish to share, snail ravioli, he perfect egg… “As far as possible, we want to favor Tarn-et-Garonne products. We have already ordered the snails in the department, ”says the restaurateur.

About ten days now from the opening, the companies and the future employees of the restaurant are working hard to ensure that everything is ready on D-Day. In total, eleven people will be busy to delight you.

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