Grant Thornton Law Firm sets up in Lille

Previously present in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Grant Thornton Société d’Avocats (GTSA) is heading north. The firm has indeed decided to set up in Lille, where it is opening its first office in the provinces on April 4. Matured for a long time, this project was motivated by several factors. “While we already have many customers in the North of France, we wanted to get closer geographically in order to work with them even more closely.says Anne Frede, managing partner of GTSA. In addition, we regularly had discussions with business leaders with a view to establishing a relationship, but the fact that we were not based in Hauts-de-France was an obstacle for them..”

By settling in Lille, the firm hopes to convert these opportunities. Finally, the city’s proximity to Belgium, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom was also a decisive argument for GTSA, whose clientele is made up in particular of international companies.

A dozen lawyers by September 2023

Even if it primarily targets SMEs and ETIs, GTSA plans to support all sizes of companies, from start-ups to large groups, as well as non-profit organizations. “We will offer a wide range of services, for example in company law, restructuring operations, taxation, contracts, etc..”, warns Anne Frede.

To do this, recruitment of practitioners has just been finalized, while several others are in progress. “At this stage, it is expected that the Lille office will be composed exclusively of lawyers from the region, who are familiar with the microcosm of Hauts-de-France and local businesses», continues Anne Frede. By September 2023, the size of the team could reach ten employees.

As is the case in Neuilly-sur-Seine, the practice will be located in the premises of Grant Thornton. In Lille, these are located at 91 rue Nationale. “Insofar as we are used to working in synergy between the different businesses of the group (accounting, consulting, etc.), it made sense to be present on the same site.“says Anne Frede. Counting on a progressive rise in power of its new office, GTSA could continue its development in other cities of the country, the choice of which has still not been made. But one thing is certain: Lille will be its only location in Hauts-de-France.

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