Grand buffets: no departure from Narbonne before 2027/2028

Expiring on December 31, the lease between Grand Narbonne and the famous restaurant will be renewed for an indefinite period. This should not predict the departure of the Grands buffets by 2027-2028 to other skies as announced last August by Louis Privat.

If the divorce between the Grands Buffets and the Grand Narbonne is consummated, the two entities, namely the tenant of the Espace de Liberté and the owner, will continue to coexist under the same roof by 2027-2028 like the confirm to L’Indépendant Louis Privat, founder of the famous and popular gourmet restaurant, and the president of the Narbonne agglomeration Didier Mouly.

Lease renewed for an indefinite period

Concretely and while the lease ended on December 31, 2022, it will be renewed for an indefinite period, since neither of the two parties has decided to terminate it.

Louis Privat confirms this at the same time as his departure. “We will announce in the first quarter of 2023 the agreement that we will have with the chosen city. It will not intervene before 2027/2028, the time that we choose the place, that the building permits are deposited and that the works are carried out. What is certain is that we are leaving. We will be able to increase our offer for our customers and the City that will welcome us will be favored in particular according to its capacity to integrate, in the specifications, a support unit for employees (housing, crèche, employment for spouses) in this change of site. This move will be a national model of its kind. Not only will the employees be consulted but we will do it with them because there is no fatality in this let it be a problem” details the founder of the Grands buffets.

On the side of Didier Mouly, it seems that we want to play the appeasement after this summer standoff while admitting not to think about an alternative project when the Grands buffets leave the places they have occupied since 1989. “We are ready to meet Louis Privat and we are not closing the door on that. I put a handkerchief on the attacks that we have suffered and that I consider unjustified. What is certain is that we will continue our investment program of 12 million euros over four years which will benefit everyone: the 350,000 annual customers of the Grands buffets but also the 350,000 users who visit the swimming pool, the ice rink and the bowling alley”.

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