Gramoune victim of a fatal dog attack: “She was a good woman, she was very nice to everyone”, testifies her neighbor

A tragedy occurred last night in the Bellemène district of Saint-Paul. A gramoune was the victim of a dog attack. Seriously injured, she was transferred to hospital. The gramoune died overnight. The dog was killed by the police.

A tragedy occurred in the Bellemène district of Saint-Paul this Sunday evening. An 85-year-old granny was the victim of a fatal dog attack in her yard. The victim tried to save one of his hens before being attacked. The animal suddenly turned on her and bit her brutally.

Deadly dog ​​attack

Alerted, the emergency services rushed her to the hospital, she unfortunately died of her injuries a few hours later. Marie-Collette lives in the house next door, she woke up in shock.

I heard the firefighters, but I didn’t know who they came for. She was a good woman, she was very nice to everyone. She was a Christian and went to mass every Sunday. She was a good woman, we had nothing to say about her“.

According to our information, the animal behind the attack is a Dogo Argentino, he was killed by the gendarmes last night during their intervention. For some residents, it is necessary to act against this kind of animal.

What will become of tomorrow if this continues. It happened to a lady, it can happen to a child. We have to do something, we have to eliminate this kind of dog“.

An investigation has been opened to determine the owner of the animal. Is it a family member or an outside person? The animal is chipped, which should allow investigators to quickly identify the master of the Dogo Argentino.

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