Go Entrepreneurs: Jérôme Gavaudan encourages entrepreneurs to consult a lawyer

For the second year, the CNB is one of the official partners of the event, which took place on April 6 and 7 at La Défense Arena. For two days, the lawyers came to meet entrepreneurs, and those wishing to become one, to offer them concrete legal solutions to facilitate the development of their project.

On the main stage of Go entrepreneurs, Jérôme Gavaudan, interviewed by radio columnist Fabrice Lundy, then intervened to recall the central role of lawyers in their entrepreneurial adventure and to call on entrepreneurs not to remain alone in the face of their difficulties and not to fear legal issues. “The law should reassure and not scare,” he said.

As the President of the CNB reminded us, the lawyer is present at all times during the creation and life of the company, to listen, support and advise. He also has an important role with the contractor’s partners, such as the banker, and the lawyer-banker relationship at any stage has become increasingly fluid. The lawyer brings to his client his expertise, his ethics, his benevolence as well as his culture of discretion and secrecy. He is a real trusted partner, with whom to build short, medium or long-term relationships.

You will never take any risks discussing with a lawyer, ”assured Jérôme Gavaudan.

A multi-faceted professional

The lawyer is not only a useful ally in the creation or transfer of the company, he can provide legal answers to questions of internal organization, financing or development. More generally, it has a preventive, advisory role, by assessing and evaluating the risks that the entrepreneur incurs or may exceed, but also curative. Jérôme Gavaudan insisted on the ease of access of the lawyer, his position of confidant but also his quality of engineer and actor of the economy since he is himself an entrepreneur, aware of the problems of the entrepreneurship and having been able to ask the same questions as his client. It is therefore a real asset for the entrepreneur. “You have to deal with someone who looks like you,” said the president of the CNB.

Although entrepreneurs can go and see one of the 71,000 lawyers practicing throughout France, they also have the possibility of consulting one via the consultation.avocats.fr website, or of carrying out a self-assessment in order to establish a score of risks to the financial state of their business and how urgently they need to consult a lawyer.

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