Gifted with remarkable intelligence, this cocker spaniel masters hopscotch like no other! (video)

Leo, a 3-year-old Cocker Spaniel, is the pride of his mistress and for good reason: the animal is very intelligent. He is able to learn the most complicated tricks, such as the game of hopscotch.

Leo would surely have met with real success in the playgrounds!

The dog lives in Aberdeen in Scotland with his mistress Emily Andersonreports Subway. Both forge a solid bond, all the stronger since the canine almost lost his life in 2020 because of a parasite.

After this terrible ordeal, Emily started teaching his friend tricks, and the Cocker fire color seemed to be particularly gifted. He is able to play tennis, paint or make music. He even masters cardiopulmonary resuscitation! His exploits can be seen on TikTok and instagramwhere the artist has respectively more than 28,000 and 20,000 subscribers!

A new challenge

While her owner is browsing the stores looking for new accessories for her dog’s tricks, she notices a hopscotch mat. She then decides to make this game a new challenge for Leo.

Gradually, the thirty-year-old teaches her young prodigy how to pass the different squares of the carpet. At first, the animal is able to chain 6 of them:

@trickspaniel Learning Hopscotch! #jump #dogsofttiktok #fyp #spaniel #training ♬ Jump – Tik Tok

His mistress says about the trick: ” It was the longest it had ever taken me to do anything. It lasted several months. It’s definitely the hardest I’ve done with him “. But his perseverance will eventually pay off, because in a video posted on April 23, Leo connects the 10 squares of hopscotch, with disconcerting ease! Here is the amazing video:

@trickspaniel Hopscotch! Definitely taken us the longest to learn of all the tricks we’ve done but it has also been the most fun! #game #fun #fypシ #foryou #dog #incredible #dogtalent #dogsofttiktok #tiktok #cleverdog #dogtraining ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

It’s a real feat, knowing that he would be the only dog ​​on the internet who knows how to perform this sequence perfectly: ” it’s something that most dogs can’t master, because it’s really difficult. I searched and didn’t see another dog do it like Leo does […] I think an Australian Shepherd is four [chiffre]so only half of what Leo does “says Emily.

When she bought the game, the latter did not imagine that her dog could reach the highest number: ” It was a set of 10 number mats. I never even thought we would get to 10, I just planned to get to five or six because we persevered for a very long time “. But that was without taking into account the skill of his little genius.

She adds that in addition to her impressive achievement, Leo is able to do the course alone, without any guidance, unlike his canine opponent.

An effective training technique

Indeed, to learn new things to his Cocker, Emily uses the method of clicker. It is a training device that makes a clicking sound when pressed.

It is used to emphasize a good deed, which is then reinforced with a treat: “ He gets a treat at the end. Everything is done through clicker training. When he hears the clip, it ends the behavior and then he gets the reward “, confides the woman to the many Internet users who wish to receive advice.

Emily and Leo can be proud of their success, which impressed nearly 300,000 spectators! They will surely continue to take on many challenges together!

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