Gers: an extended summer in Auch on the terraces of cafes, bars and restaurants

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Summer continues in the Gers, but until when? On the terraces of the cafes and restaurants of Auch, we still enjoy a spring air before the arrival of the rain and the cold. Reportage.

With the hottest October ever recorded since the start of measurements in 1945, the terraces are always full in cafes and restaurants. In Auch, not a single day has gone by until now without seeing people seated outside the establishments. Some take advantage of the start of the week to take a last sunbath on the terraces before the arrival of a slightly more autumnal climate in the Gers.

The weather forecast predicts a return of rain and a slight drop in temperatures for this weekend. What arouse regrets among some who hoped until now to be able to extend their summer a little more.

“We take advantage as much as we can to drink a coffee and take advantage of the last rays on the terrace before it gets cold”, confides this customer on the terrace of the Massena café. For the boss who manages the establishment with his two sons, October was a good month. It must be said that the terrace is there. Inside, the room is deserted. But that doesn’t prevent the boss from doing a bit of cleaning “in anticipation” of an exodus in the event of an unexpected downpour. In the upper town, same thing. At rue de la République, you have to make your way through the countless tables of the “Le France” brasserie.

An exceptional off-season

For lunch, read your newspaper with a coffee or afterwork, the world is there. A good late season for Jean-Jacques, the owner of the establishment who, like his colleagues, is satisfied with good attendance for the month of October. “People needed it,” he says.

Weather, tourism, events: all the factors were there to extend the summer season a little further. “With the Circa festival, the terrace was also busy,” says the boss. In this establishment, like others, the interior banquettes are abandoned in favor of the exterior tables. Even in the evening! People come more often but “habits have changed, we no longer consume the same”, we learn from the side of France. A more festive spirit can be felt in the establishments to the delight of the people of Gers.

An uncertain future?

A resounding success for restaurants that go so far as to serve more than 70 covers on the terrace in a single evening. A great feat but which still leaves some apprehension about the weeks to come. Climate, electricity prices, end of terrace extensions: will customers be loyal when the prices charged start to rise again? The question arises in several establishments.

In the meantime, some Auscians have no plans to change their ways. Coffee, croissant and newspaper on the table facing the Sainte-Marie cathedral: a daily life that we could not do without even with the arrival of a little cooler weather.

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