Gers: a wanted poster to find Ted, a young Pomsky

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Spotted for the last time in Pavia, the animal has been missing for a week.

Ted has been missing since November 4 around 11 a.m. in the town of Pavia. He was last spotted on the road to Mirande near the gas station.

It is a Pomsky, in other words a cross-breed dog, of the “designer dog” type, resembling a miniature husky.

A wanted poster to find Ted

Soon to be 4 months old, he is black and white in color and has blue eyes. He is chipped and does not wear a collar.

Its owners went to the gendarmerie as well as to the national center of veterinarians and to the SPA of Gers to declare its theft.

For any information to find Ted, contact 06 78 47 68 90 or 06 31 70 42 19.

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