Gers: a Lislois challenges himself to chain two Ironman in 3 weeks in the United States

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Lislois triathlete, Régis Brun will take up an extraordinary challenge: to complete the Ironman of Hawaii and St-George in the space of three weeks during the month of October. On the menu: more than 300 kilometers to cover by swimming, cycling and on foot.

Complete 3.8 kilometers of swimming, 180.2 of cycling then 42.195 kilometers of running, in other words a marathon. This is what awaits Régis Brun on October 6 at the Ironman in Hawaii. And as if that weren’t enough, the 54-year-old triathlete from Gers will be at the start of the Half Ironman in Saint-George in the United States, barely three weeks later, on October 29.

An almost inconceivable challenge for ordinary mortals, which nevertheless germinated a few months ago in the head of the Gers triathlete. “It was during my seventh race over the distance in May in Mallorca, in the Balearic Islands, that I obtained my qualification for the Ironman world championship in Hawaii”, shares Régis Brun. Then, “last July, during the half-distance race in Les Sables-d’Olonne, in Vendée, I won my qualification for the Ironman in Saint-George, in the United States”, he continues. .

If the native of Auch had the possibility of refusing his ticket for this competition, because of the proximity to the first, Régis Brun decided otherwise and saw a great opportunity to launch an XXL challenge. “It is true that there are only three weeks between the two races… But it is so unlikely that I will do the two world championships in my age category, that of 50-54 years old, on long distance in St-George and over very long distance in Hawaii”, says the man who works as a technical sales representative at Abrisud in everyday life.

“I will give back a little of what I have been given through an action for the fight against cancer”

The Gers “iron man” also saw a great opportunity to return the favor to the medical profession. “One of my two daughters, who is now 21, developed cancer just before she turned 18. Today she is cured, but I have always said that on a great occasion, I would try to make a gesture in return to the medical profession and to those accompanying… I will therefore give back a little of what we gave me through an action for the fight against cancer. I set up a kitty on Leetchi* and the money raised will be donated in full to the League Against Cancer”, explains Régis Brun, who will wear during the Ironman in Hawaii a unique outfit on which the logos of Pink October and the League Against Cancer will appear.

“This summer, I took advantage of the heat to run in the middle of the afternoon under 35°C”

Beyond the solidarity aspect of his adventure, the triathlete Lislois, always eager for new challenges, does not intend to do simple figuration. “I would like to finish Ironman Hawaii with a time around 11 o’clock. The best finish in 8 hours”, says the father, who can count on the support of his two daughters present on site to achieve this. As a result, for several weeks, Régis Brun has been inflicting training worthy of a professional athlete, even if it means pushing his physiological limits. “Since July, I have been working hard in training. I swim three times a week, do at least three bike workouts and at least two running workouts each week. This represents about 15 hours of training, ”reveals the Gersois.

“You just have to be tough. You have to train all the time: rain, wind or snow. This summer, I took advantage of the heat to run in the middle of the afternoon under 35°C to get used to the climate of Hawaii. There, the humidity is above 80% and the heat is around 35°C,” he adds. Régis Brun did not fail to notice the extreme conditions during his first training sessions on the archipelago, he who set foot in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on September 22, in order to digest the 12 hours of jet lag with France, and be in top form on October 6 on the starting line.

* Link to the Leetchi solidarity kitty:

The Department of Gers in support of Régis Brun

The Gers Departmental Council has decided to support Régis Brun by granting him a grant of 1,000 euros. The opportunity to encourage the triathlete in his sporting challenge but also to make the Gers known in the United States. “It’s a way to get people talking about the department outside our borders. Régis plays the game, he never misses an opportunity to highlight the partnership”, underlines the president Philippe Dupouy. The CD32 is also associated with the noble cause defended by Régis Brun, who wants to raise awareness through his challenge on the fight against cancer.

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