Gers: a Husky riddled with pellets by a farmer in Plaisance after biting a sheep

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The owners of Nayu, a six-year-old Husky, are torn between anger and emotion after a farmer shot dead the dog that bit one of his sheep with a shotgun on September 5. A complaint has been filed by both parties.

Xéna and Yanni have been living as a couple for several years in Jû-Belloc near Plaisance. A peaceful life alongside their two dogs, Nayu (a female Husky) and Moka (a male Border collie), considered true “members of the family”. However, this will take a completely different turn on Monday, September 5 after the two dogs fled to join the town of Plaisance, 4 km away, the night before. “She ran away and my other dog followed, we looked for them all night but we couldn’t find them,” says Xéna. Bad luck, the GPS collar that the dog was wearing had no battery at that time.

It was not until the next morning, at her place of work, that the young woman received a call from the gendarmerie informing her that the dog had been shot by a farmer, she was killed instantly.

X-rays taken by the veterinarian prove the presence of lead in the body of the canine.

According to the first elements collected by the couple from the police, the canine would have bitten one of the farmer’s sheep before “growling” at one of his daughters. “A husky doesn’t growl, it howls. She has never attacked animals or humans,” explains the young woman who adopted Nayu when she was only two months old. The second dog managed to flee before finding his owners during the day.

“It’s a shock, it hurts the heart”

Suddenly, Xéna and Yanni have a hard time realizing what just happened. It’s a real shock for these two animal lovers. On the famous social network “TikTok”, Xéna shared a video in tribute to Nayu. It already has nearly 250,000 views and just over 15,000 supporters. A real psychological support for the owner of the two dogs. “We just want justice to be done. He didn’t have to do that,” she says with emotion.

The two dogs had left their home on the night of September 4.

The two dogs had left their home on the night of September 4.

In the neighboring town, a week after the events, at the farmer’s home, work was undertaken. A fence is put up. Asked about the circumstances of the event, the man did not wish to answer. The latter would also have filed a complaint for wandering animals. “In our misfortune, we are lucky to have witnesses”, confides Xéna

In communication with the young woman, they claim that the dog was trying to flee before being shot. “The gentleman told the gendarmes that the dog was not stopping and that killing him was the only solution,” wrote the owner of the dog to one of the witnesses. Which answers “False.”. The matter should be investigated.

Animal rights associations step up

For their part, Xena and Yanni are determined not to let this “injustice” pass. They went so far as to contact various associations for the defense and protection of animals, such as the Fondation 30 Millions d’Amis in Paris. “We have received all the elements including the veterinary certificate which certifies that the animal was riddled with pellets. If the prosecution decides to pursue the case, the foundation will be a civil party”, we indicate on the side of the headquarters. . The Brigitte Bardot Foundation has also been made aware of the case.

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