Gard: an injured dog with both ears cut off discovered in a field by riders in Vauvert

A rider who went hiking in the Vauvert sector with friends discovered a dog in a bad state and abandoned in a field. This Labrador had two cropped ears.

Riders discovered this Wednesday, November 2, an abandoned and injured Labrador dog in the middle of the vineyards and fields in the Vauvert sector. The dog’s two ears had been cut off… Whoever committed this act must have wanted to erase traces of tattoos which would have made it possible to identify the animal. A garbage bag containing dead animals was nearby.

“She could barely look up”

“The dog was lying down and could barely look up,” said Kelly, owner of a horse stable. “I carried her to the stables”. The injured animal was immediately transported to the Medianimal veterinary clinic in Gallargues-le-Montueux for treatment.

Twenty-four hours later, the dog had joined Kelly’s home, who decided to adopt her. “The dog is doing very well”announces Kelly who baptized the labrador, Hope. The worst is over. There, she is lying on a sofa that she shares with a friend.”

An investigation is entrusted to the gendarmerie.

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