Gard: a dog saves a walker lost in the middle of the night

The 69-year-old walker, lost for long hours, was discovered by the dog Portal and brought home on the back of the dog handler.


Portal, the dog from the Gard cynophile intervention group, managed to find a hiker who got lost in the night.
© Gendarmerie du Gard

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VS’is a story that ends well that the Gard gendarmerie decided to tell on its Facebook account. On Monday, November 7, the Saint-Jean-du-Gard and Andu brigades received a call from a man who, having gone hiking with his wife in the woods overlooking their place of residence, lost his wife on the way. 69 years old. This one had, at one point, slipped away to go home alone and had not found her way back.

At nightfall, the search became complicated, “in very impractical and mountainous undergrowth”. It was then necessary to call on the canine intervention group (GIC) to try to find the hiker using the scent of a dog. It was around 8 p.m. that the dog, named Portal, and his master began their search, while the temperature was dropping rapidly, reaching 5°C. It was more than two hours later that Portal managed to find the walker, lost and thirsty, at the foot of Escorces rock. Exhausted, she was brought back safe and sound thanks to the handler who carried her on his back to his home.

“Watch out for the night that falls early”

The spouses “were able to congratulate the four-legged savior themselves! “indicates the Gard gendarmerie on Facebook.

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This pretty story is, however, an opportunity for members of the security forces to repeat some safety instructions for hikers: “Beware of the night which falls early in this season and even for a short hike, a small bag with some belongings hot, supplies, a lamp and a charged phone: it’s not much but it can be very useful! »

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