Fruits, vegetables to eat with the peel for more nutrients

It is not necessary to peel the skin or peel of some fruits and vegetables, as it can contain a high concentration of antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

According to nutritionist Malina Malkani, fruits and vegetables with their skins can contain up to 33% more fiber if they are not peeled. In addition, “the level of antioxidants found in the peel can be up to 320 times higher than that of the flesh,” added Malkani quoted by

Below is a list of fruits and vegetables to eat without peeling them if you want to fill up on nutrients.


The skin of apples is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, according to Cnews. The skin of this fruit contains four to six times more than the flesh. Antioxidants help fight against stress and cellular aging.


The skin of tomatoes contains a high level of naringinin, an anti-inflammatory flavonoid. It also contains vitamin C and lycopene. The latter is an antioxidant responsible for the red pigmentation of the tomato, explains the media.

Cucumbers and Kiwis

According to, you can eat the skin of the kiwi, because it is rich in vitamin C and provides a triple dose of fiber. As for cucumber, it contains vitamin K, fiber and potassium. However, it is advisable to clean your skin well with a sponge paper to remove the wax it contains.


The peel of this vegetable contains fiber, flavonoids and magnesium. In addition to the site just mentioned, the skin of eggplants contains a large amount of nutrients.


The peel of the earth contains fiber, iron, vitamin C, potassium and folic acid, according to However, it is advisable to brush the potato carefully with a vegetable brush before cooking.

Berries, cherries and grapes

It is advisable to eat these fruits and vegetables without removing their skin, as it contains a significant concentration of antioxidants than the flesh of these foods.

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