From the bar to the boards, Sébastien Wust, a former lawyer, launches into comedy

After having put on his black robe every day for 20 years, lawyer Sébastien Wust will soon take a completely different turn. He will become a full-time actor. At 44, he decides to live without regret and pursue his passion.

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Lawyer by day, comedian by night. This is the daily life of Sébastien Wust, currently on tour for his show “Master, you have the floor”.

While he was going through a bad phase, in 2014, his wife told him: “It would be nice to be able to balance things out and mobilize yourself a bit.” Sébastien Wust then decided to go into the theater to spice up his daily life a little. “She had no idea how badly I was going to take the virus“, he jokes.

As a teenager, he already liked to write sketches. The idea of ​​becoming an actor crosses his mind at the time, but the young boy turns rather to a course “classic“.”Reason, alas, has taken over“, he specifies.

Adult, he decides to live without remorse and embark on the crazy adventure of the theater. “I don’t want to have any regrets. It is passion that guides me. There’s a mixture of audacity and madness“, declares with determination the actor.

On stage, he describes with humor the daily life of a lawyer. Between defending assassins, threatening clients, he breaks all the clichés of this profession.

His two professional activities do not give him the same satisfaction. When he talks about the profession of actor, the one he has decided to marry, he has a smile from ear to ear.

Be lawyer also brings him pleasure, but in another way. “Humanly, it brought me a lot of wealth. We feel like we are helping. The smile, we have it after the hearings, when it worked“, he asserts.

His career as a lawyer also helps him to be more comfortable on stage. “We are not shy in front of people when we speak in public“, says the lawyer.

But this double life is gripping. Chaining audiences and shows takes up all his time, encroaching on his leisure time which he no longer has. “A day is only 24 hours“, he says, laughing.

Concentrating on the boards and having “need time to create“, this is the turn he has decided to take. Next year, he will return his dress to put on his little red nose full time.

After six weeks of residency in Paris at the BO Saint Martin theater, the actor will play Wednesdays November 16 and 23 at the Flibustier, in Aix-en-Provence. Other dates are planned in the region.

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