Frightened, sick and paralyzed in the hind legs, a kitten receives the much-awaited help!

A kitten was found in poor health, with paralysis of the hind legs. But thanks to Baby Kitten Rescue, he got the help he needed.

Archie is a kitten that was found in poor condition. He was very thin, malnourished and dehydrated. His coat was covered with fleas, and his tangled hair contained a lot of dirt and even bits of vegetation. Furthermore, Archie was paralyzed in the hind limbs. The shelter that took him in then called on Caroline Grace who takes care of a specialized shelter for kittens, Baby Kitten Rescue.

Caroline accepted Archie without hesitation

When carolina heard ofArchie, she accepted to welcome him without hesitation. As she told lovemeow, the kitten was terrified. “Archie was very scared at first and hid under all of his covers. He cried for the first hour, then began to realize he was safe.

carolina performed the necessary treatment. She cleaned it, rehydrated it, fed it, and treated its fleas. The baby then relaxed and fell asleep.

Archie’s mobility gradually improved

When the kitten regained strength, he began to play. That’s when carolina noticed that there was some mobility in his hind legs. “I also noticed he was able to use the litter box independently, which I didn’t expect from a paralyzed cat“, she recounted.

carolina therefore took the cat to different veterinarians to have several professional opinions. It turned out thatArchie suffered from a malformation of the spine, which made the mobility of his hind legs weak, but not zero. So there was hope for progress for the little feline. carolina then engaged in physical therapy and daily exercises to help him strengthen his muscles. She also started acupuncture sessions once a week. Despite all these requests, Archie always kept her energy and good humor.

Archie was adopted by an ideal family for him

Pata speech therapist, discovered the story ofArchie on social networks. She fell in love with the little ball of hair, and decided to adopt it. “I was very upfront and honest about everything the vets told us about Archie and his treatment plan, and Pat totally agreed. She said she loved him the way he was no matter what and wanted to continue her therapies to help him as best she could.“, Told carolina.

Today, Archie is very happy in his new family, where he has cat brothers and sisters. He progresses at his own pace, and nothing can harm his happiness.

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