Franco-American relationship heats up with Catherine Colonna’s visit to Washington

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French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna met on Friday October 21 with her counterpart, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, in Washington. The two heads of French and American diplomacy wanted to convey the message that everything was going for the best in the relationship between the two countries.

With our correspondent in Washington, Guillaume Naudin

The submarine crisis is a long way off. Under the gilding of the State Department, Anthony Blinken, perfect French-speaker since his Parisian adolescence, does not have enough kind words to welcome his French counterpart. “ Hello everyone. Catherine, I’m so glad to have you here at the State Department. It’s a true pleasurein French) “says the US Secretary of State.

It’s a real pleasure because over the past year, France and the United States have grown considerably closer. Since Joe Biden was able to recognize the clumsiness of his administration to have convinced Australia to buy American rather than French submarines. And because the two historical allies had to meet to work closely together after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

State visit soon on the program

Everything is so much better that President Emmanuel Macron will be Joe Biden’s first host for a state visit. Catherine Colonna appreciates: “ We are sure that this State visit to which we have been invited will once again be an opportunity to demonstrate our closeness. So, dear Tony, thank you for your warm welcome and thank you for the good work we have been doing together for some time as our two countries have been doing for a long time. Since General Lafayette and George Washington or Benjamin Franklin who watches over us and watches over us. »

Will public familiarity be required again during this much-awaited visit? Response in early December.


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