Francis Huster “asphyxiated to death” in the middle of a restaurant: the surreal scene he experienced

This year in Mask Singer, the production was full of stars ready to hide behind the exceptional new costumes of the season. The character of the Pharaoh was notably one of the most mysterious, he who claimed to know how to sing, play but also play football or even be a recognized writer. In short, a real jack-of-all-trades. Finally, after his second stint on set, the clues began to reveal his identity. And after investigation, Kev Adams, Vitaa, Jeff Panacloc and Chantal Ladesou came to the conclusion that it was Francis Huster. A track that was confirmed this Tuesday, September 13.

Indeed, the adventure ended for the 72-year-old actor who took great pleasure in doing the show anonymously. Very popular with the French public, Francis Huster faced an event that marked his life. Namely, the day he almost lost her in the middle of a restaurant. The former star ofHere it all starts had told this anecdote during the press conference of the series for which he played for a time. He explained there being “allergic to many things in the kitchen, including arsenic found in seafood“. Cristiana Reali’s ex has already paid the price in a very violent way.

One evening, after a performance on the stage, he had gone to dinner with his comrades from the Comédie Française at the Fouquet’s on the Champs-Elysees, in Paris. “There were sublime platters of oysters but as I am allergic I couldn’t eat any. So the waiter brought me another dish, a Belon soup (another form of oyster, editor’s note). But because of the brown color, I thought it was vegetable. After the first spoon, I got thousands of pimples all over, my throat started to swell and I was dying lying on the floor asphyxiated“, he remembered.

Fortunately, Francis Huster was rescued in extremis by a friend from his table. “And thank god, Franco Zeffirelli [un réalisateur italien mort en 2019, NDLR] took a knife and cut me open. He saved my life“, he continued. One thing is certain, we will not take it twice.

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