France: 14,500 euros stashed in the cat’s litter


France14,500 euros stashed in the cat’s litter

In the Oise, a trafficker with an atypical profile hid her income in an unusual hideout.

It is known, money has no smell…


In Nogent-sur-Oise (Oise), a cat relieved itself on a real jackpot. Active in drug trafficking, its owner had indeed stashed a little more than 14,500 euros in the litter of her little feline.

Wednesday morning, during an anti-narcotics operation, a police dog specializing in the search for drugs stopped in front of a car in the street. The police therefore tracked down the owner of the vehicle and searched her home, relates “Le Parisien”.

In this woman in her fifties, they unearthed just over 370 grams of cannabis. She also had 2500 euros on her. Continuing their investigations, the agents found a little over 14,500 euros in large bills hidden in an unusual hideout: the cat litter, installed in the living room.

The trafficker with the profile described as atypical, without a criminal record, was sentenced Thursday during an appearance on prior admission of guilt. She received a 9-month suspended prison sentence for “acquisition, possession, transport, and illicit offer or transfer of narcotics”. The money seized was confiscated.

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