Former Trump Organization CFO pleads guilty to tax evasion

This discreet 75-year-old man, who has worked for the Trumps since 1973, is accused by the courts of having benefited from benefits in kind, in particular an apartment in an upscale district of Manhattan, the rental of two Mercedes for him and his wife , and to have received cash for his holidays, hiding everything from the tax authorities.

“Today, Allen Weisselberg admitted in court to using his position at the Trump Organization to defraud taxpayers and enrich himself personally,” Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg said in the statement.

“The settlement reached with the court directly binds the Trump Organization to a wide range of criminal activity and requires Mr. Weisselberg to provide valuable testimony in the upcoming trial against the company,” he added.

Five months in prison

Allen Weisselberg initially pleaded not guilty in July 2021 to the charges against him and risked up to 15 years in prison.

According to the agreement, he now faces only five months in prison and will have to pay nearly $2 million in taxes, with penalties and interest, according to the press release. The criminal trial against the Trump Organization, the company having pleaded not guilty, is due to open on October 24.

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