Forgetting to cancel a restaurant reservation could cost you dearly

In order to make customers aware of the costs of absences without notice, restaurateurs in Trois-Rivières are using new methods to counter this problem.

Restaurant owners are at their wit’s end and all means are good to ensure that customers are seated at their tables during busy hours.

“One summer evening, at home, we can have up to 90 cancellations. The challenge is to play with cancellations and reservations so as not to lose tables, ”explained the general manager and co-founder of the Buck restaurant, Martin Bilodeau.

For various reasons, when booking, some restaurateurs have begun to require a credit card number which may be used to charge compensation fees.

According to the Consumer Protection Office, it is legal to ask the customer for their credit card number when booking. On the contrary, what is illegal is to fix the amount of compensation in advance. It is important to remember that a restaurant reservation is a form of contract.

This method allows restaurateurs to protect themselves. “It’s not to make money. We got almost nothing. It’s really so that people get into the habit of canceling and not of not showing up at the restaurant or of canceling 15 minutes before the scheduled time, ”clarified Mr. Bilodeau.

Currently, at the Buck, an amount of $25 per person is requested if a reservation ends up in oblivion. The Consumer Protection Office has confirmed that the actual amount of damages must be claimed.

However, according to our information, the amount currently required at the Buck restaurant is far from being representative of the amount of an average customer bill.

With the arrival of the holiday season, it’s the same principle for the number of people. A company that reserves for a group of 50 people should notify the restaurant if they are less or even more. In this way, the restaurant can afford to adjust its reservations accordingly.

The region’s restaurateurs have taken inspiration from this method, which is already very popular in Montreal.

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