for the restaurant La Maison d’Alice which is closing,

Chtellerault: for the restaurant La Maison d’Alice which is closing, “the adventure was beautiful”

Chtellerault, the gourmet restaurant La Maison d’Alice, open for twelve years in rue Alfred-Herault, closes its doors on Sunday October 30, 2022. Before following her husband who moved to Guyana, Marie-Luce Gasse, confides in our newspaper.

This is the end of a culinary and gustatory story Chtelleraultwith the closure of the restaurant La Maison d’Alice, Sunday, October 30. Interview with the restorer Marie Luce Gasse.

La Maison d’Alice will close its doors on Sunday 30 October after the lunch service. How do you learn this moment?

“Right now I’m not materializing at all. It’s definitely going to be painful, there’s going to be some crying on Sunday, but it’s going to…”

You told us in March: you are closing because you are leaving the region.

“My husband is a soldier at the RICM in Poitiers, he has been transferred to Guyana for three years, it was complicated not to follow him (laughs). would not have closed – but it must also be said that I will be 62 next year and that I have always done catering; it may be time to ease off a bit.”

You are not going to set up a restaurant in Guyana?

“That’s not the plan… At least not for the moment, my husband said no to me! (laughs).”

Our young people are a little afraid to embark on such an adventure.

Marie-Luce Gasse, manager of the restaurant La Maison d’AliceThursday, October 27, 2022.

What do you remember of these twelve years?

“It was a great adventure, a business that went very well – even if it was not always easy. Thank you to everyone who believed in us, our customers who were loyal, my daughter (Alice) with whom it all started. I can still see her, at the age of twelve, wandering between the tables, she is 25 today. Hats off to my whole team. Clément (Bergerioux, the chef) has contributed a lot since his arrival (in 2020). I would have liked him to resume, he made another choice, which I respect (he joined the Futuroscope restaurant L’Atelier des Saveurs, editor’s note). I recognize that the context is not simple. C It is increasingly difficult to find catering staff. Our young people are a little afraid to embark on such an adventure.”

As surprising as it may seem, you haven’t found anyone to take over! isn’t that heartbreaking?

“Of course I would have liked to transmit, and I don’t put that on a financial level. However, I didn’t want to sell for the sake of selling, I wanted to find a professional, like Clment, who knows how to do things like We’ve always done La Maison d’Alice. Recruiting someone to do anything else here wouldn’t work! I couldn’t find it, it’s like that.”

It’s an atypical concept (house-restaurant) that you brought to Chtellerault.

“From the moment we welcome people into our homes, we bring them into our lives and we enter theirs at the same time. This explains why we have forged privileged links with our customers.”

For many Chelleraudais, the Maison d’Alice was one of the best restaurants in the area. What does this recognition mean to you?

“You always have to keep your feet on the ground, but obviously it affects me. I’m taking it. And I’m delighted to see the arrival in the profession of young people who work well, who are very good. Le Local Oyr restaurant opened in 2021). They are my favorite! To be honest, I could see them here, my place.”

We say see you in three years for the reopening of La Maison d’Alice?

“I’ll be 65… That said, I’m not selling anything, I’m keeping everything! That means that if things don’t go well there, I’ll be back (she bursts out laughing).”

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