for the boss of the chain, “if we do nothing, we no longer exist”

On BFM Business, Philippe Jean, general manager of the pizzeria chain explains the objectives of this subscription formula tested in 13 restaurants.

The Del Arte pizzeria brand is testing a subscription system in 13 restaurants to build customer loyalty. For 35 euros per month (30 euros the first month), you can have lunch or dinner once a day in a restaurant of the group (desserts and drinks not included).

An announcement that caused a lot of talk in the world of catering today faced with a drop in attendance and the explosion of its costs. But for many, such a model is hardly profitable.

Tested until mid-December

“The subject is the future of restaurant chains in France” nuance on BFM Business this Tuesday Philippe Jean, general manager of the chain of pizzerias.

The goal is simple: you have to build loyalty. “We have an activity which is among the least profitable in France and if we do nothing within five years, we no longer exist. That’s the problem”, he continues. “The real problem is attendance, we have not found the figures for 2019. We are testing a new form, an innovation, we are keen to find people in our restaurants”.

Beyond this question, on the model, “the idea of ​​the test is to consider that people are not going to come every day to eat. When they come to benefit from their free dish, they will probably buy something else and be accompanied, that’s what we count on” explains the leader.

The subscription will be tested “until the end of November, mid-December”, then the chain will decide whether or not to extend the offer to all its franchisees.

Olivier Chicheportiche Journalist BFM Business

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