For Maître Sandrine Bleux, “you have to hang on to become a lawyer! »

Maître Sandrine Bleux has been a lawyer in Cambrai for seventeen years. She introduces Denisa, a 5th grade student at Rosa-Parks College in Roubaix, to the profession of lawyer and its many facets.

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I want to carry the voice of the weakest. The voice of those unheard. When Sandrine Bleux, a lawyer in Cambrai, talks about her job, it’s obvious: ” I love my job. I can’t see myself doing anything else. A job she has been doing for seventeen years now. It was at the age of 12 that Sandrine Bleux decided to become a lawyer, after a school friend unjustly suffered the divorce of his parents “.

“Intellectually, it is very rewarding. »

Sandrine Bleux studied law at the Faculty of Law of Cambrai. She then left for Rennes, then Lille for her last years, in a judicial career and criminal sciences. Following these four years of study, she spent the bar exam, consisting of written and oral examinations. It’s an obstacle course. He f
keep hanging on “says the litigator, who always has a smile.

Sandrine Bleux has been a lawyer in Cambrai for seventeen years.
Sandrine Bleux has been a lawyer in Cambrai for seventeen years.

A rich and varied profession

What appeals to the lawyer is ” freedom “. This job allows him to juggling work and personal life.I can organize myself to see my children, accompany them on school trips. ” There is also ” the diversity », allowing him to meet different people on a daily basis, to discover different stories. The ability to plead throughout France is also an advantage. ” We have a job that constantly allows us to enrich our culture. Intellectually, it is very enriching. “This diversity has also allowed him to ” to take a plane ride thanks to a customer! she exclaims.

Sandrine Bleux is a court lawyer.It’s the lawyers who wear a robe and plead in court “, she specifies. She deals with cases of divorce, alimony, disputes between neighbors, relations between merchants, and many other subjects. ” I particularly like criminal law. “, which concerns the contraventions, misdemeanors and crimes.

His advice for a future lawyer: You have to hold on, listen to your inner voice and work. Because if we want, we can! »

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