For lack of waiters, some restaurants in Cahors forced to reduce their hours

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Bar and restaurant owners see the glass half full at the moment and feel a sense of frustration by being forced to close their establishment at certain time slots of the day when customers would like to return a round. Due to a lack of staff, table service cannot be carried out non-stop by the same team. Testimonials.

Seated on the terrace of the Bistro de l’Isa on Thursday in Cahors, three friends from Toulouse who had a good time there at lunchtime, liked the place and planned to return there in the afternoon to extend the pleasure of taking advantage of the autumnal mildness.

Problem: the lack of staff does not allow Eric Bargues, owner of the premises, to extend his hours on certain afternoons, “Tuesday, then Thursday or Sunday” he specifies. It is with a heavy heart that he is forced to close from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. on the days indicated.

No CVs received despite an attractive 11% salary increase since April 1

“We do not receive CVs from qualified or truly motivated staff. There has still been an 11% salary increase since April 1 for the entire profession. This is not negligible. Qualified people who want to work are paid correctly. I made offers through Pôle Emploi and I did not receive a CV worthy of the name for a whole month” sighs the boss of the Bistro de l’Isa.

Its Toulouse customers, who have put down their suitcases for a few days in Cahors, have observed this and are hardly surprised by the situation.

The call for reinforcement from extras

“The staff shortage is not at all a phenomenon that exclusively affects medium-sized towns such as Cahors, Albi or Montauban. In Toulouse, right in the city centre, we observe the same drop in activity at certain times. I work myself -even in a restaurant near the Place du Capitole. My boss closed the week before the holidays and hopes to have the reinforcement of extras during the All Saints holidays when tourists are expected in Toulouse” explains Pierre Chenot.

In 20 years of restoration he had never seen this and understands the desolation of the cafe owners and restaurateurs of Cahors. “Not only are we struggling to find qualified staff, but above all staff,” he laments, summing up the recurring evil that plagues the lives and work rhythm of several Caduran restorers.

The new servers very quickly worn out and disillusioned

Interest in the waiter profession has dropped considerably. Blame it on the low wages. But the expenses and production costs that have taken off do not suit table professionals who can hardly offer more attractive remuneration. Young people are only vaguely interested in this profession, do not see the real prospects for development and let go after only a few weeks of practice, already worn out or disillusioned.

Unskilled staff struggling to find the rhythm

“The truth is that we still manage to recruit staff, somehow, but without any qualifications. So many make mistakes, quickly throw in the towel, discredit our work and therefore do not make us a good advertisement both to attract new customers and potential employees. Their arrival with us, which was to be a precious help for the service to be provided, produces the opposite effect” laments a Lot boss on condition of anonymity.

The solution: fewer charges to offer more attractive salaries?

In the same register and to confirm the idea that a continuous service is becoming more and more difficult to assume in the restoration where the teams are reduced to a trickle, know that it is not a question of wanting to have lunch at the restaurant. spanish time.

“Me, I give my cook a day off at 1:45 p.m. I don’t want him to work overtime. I couldn’t pay him and moreover the service wouldn’t follow behind, because extending a cook’s working time it’s also asking for more presence from a whole team that already has a lot of hours in their legs. It’s not legal, nor human” concludes the same restaurateur. He calls for “fewer charges, to “serve” even more attractive salaries which might change the situation.

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