For his lawyer, Joseph Mocchi is “victim of a miscarriage of justice”

Arrested on Wednesday June 29 on the public highway in Propriano, Joseph Mocchi, is part of the “family sphere” of Jean-Christophe Mocchi, murdered on June 24.

His arrest was carried out on the public highway and comes within the framework of the investigation for attempted assassination in October 2021, said the Ajaccio prosecution. Jean-Christophe Mocchi was then targeted by shotgun fire at Olmeto-Plage, while he was riding a motorcycle. According to his defense, the indicted, unknown to justice, is the victim of a miscarriage of justice “The indictment and placement in provisional detention of Joseph Mocchi proceed not only from an injustice but from an obvious miscarriage of justice that time and objectivity will take care of to repair, indicates his lawyer, MaĆ®tre Emmanuel Molina. It is regrettable and scandalous that an uncertain, contradictory and more than doubtful document with regard to its conditions of establishment (editor’s note: a document left by the victim would have led the investigators to suspect him) allowed the incarceration of an innocent person despite the existence of objective material elements demonstrating that Mr. Mocchi cannot be the author of the attempt. All remedies are naturally formed so that Justice pursues its course free from pressure, emotion and the spirit of ease that never serves the truth.

The indicted, who, like the victim, is an important Propriano business manager, must be presented to an investigating judge at the beginning of this week with a view to his placement in pre-trial detention. It is the Ajaccio prosecutor’s office which is in charge of the investigation into this assassination attempt.


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