for 35 euros per month the pizzerias offer you to eat every day in their restaurants

This is a completely innovative new offer in France offered by Italian restaurants Del Arte. 24matins tells you more.

For lunch or dinner

In order to retain consumers, Del Arte restaurants (Le Duff group) launch a subscription system at 35 euros per month. For this rate, customers will be able to eat once a day in the group’s restaurants, whether for lunch or dinner.

One meal a day

This ‘Netflix’ subscription is subject to conditions since you will have to commit to 6 months and eat on site. You will have the choice between a pasta dish or a pizza from a choice of 5 pizza and 2 pasta recipes per day. Coffees, drinks and desserts will be charged extra, specifies the brand which is testing this offer in a dozen restaurants in the group.

Note that a discount of five euros is offered for the first month. With this proposal, Del Arte is targeting teleworkers and employees but also students, especially at noon. At this price, there is no doubt that the owners are betting on extras (desserts, drinks, etc.).

13 restaurants out of 210

To date, 13 restaurants (out of 210 restaurants) are taking part in this operation: Boulogne-Billancourt, Colmar, Flins, Gennevilliers, Ivry, Lyon, Metz, Rennes, Rouen and Toulouse.

The Covid turned everything upside down

For the general manager of Del Art, Philippe Jean, this offer should appeal to his customers: “I really believe in this service, we have been working on it for almost a year. Since the Covid, we have been faced with a change in consumption habits and restaurant attendance is dropping. We must find new levers to attract“.

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