Football team finds lost dog and starts looking for his family

While returning from the stadium on board their bus, the players of a Scottish football club discovered a dog obviously lost in the street. They came to his aid, then their club’s Facebook page did the rest…

A stray female dog called foxy was found and returned to her family thanks to a football team, reported Aberdeen Live.

On Saturday 5 November, players and staff from Turriff United FCfootball club of 5e Scottish division based in Turriff in L’Aberdeenshire (East of Scotland), were returning from a match on board their bus, when they saw a small figure on the road.

Alone in the street, a dog very clearly needed help. 2 of the footballers got off the bus, then tried to lure him towards them. They finally succeeded, then got the animal into the vehicle.

The dog obviously appreciated the warm welcome the players gave her. They didn’t just comfort her; they also set out to find his family.

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Illustration of the article: A football team discovers a lost dog and sets out to find its family
Turriff United Football Club/Facebook

A call has been made to this effect on the page Facebook of the club. In the publication, we also learned that the dog, called Roxy, had had a toilet accident while she was on the knees of one of her benefactors. The author of the post humorously indicated that the bill for cleaning the jeans of the player in question was going to be passed on to the owners of the quadruped.

Roxy’s family found

The next day at midday, the page Facebook from Turriff United FC announced good news; the masters of Roxy were found, and the family was once again complete.

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The dog had probably run away after being frightened by fireworks set off during the ” guy fawkes night “. The latter commemorates the Gunpowder Conspiracy “, a failed attempt against the king and the English Parliament in 1605.


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