Foodies: do you know this Lyonnais stopper in Old Lyon, full every night?

The Lyonnais Bouchon Aux fine gueules, in Vieux Lyon, has been a hit for 10 years now. (©AS / news Lyon)

Joël Salzi prepares his poached eggs in the kitchen located upstairs in the restaurant. Thursday, October 27, the terrace of the Lyon cork With fine mouths is still open in Vieux Lyon. “I fill up every night,” he rejoices. In 10 years, his address has become one of the benchmarks for traditional Lyonnais meals. Portrait.

“Here, we peel, simmer and debone”

Macaroni gratin with oxtail and foie gras, dumplings, andouillette, pig’s trotters… Joël Salzi likes to cook and rework the classics of Lyon gastronomy. Its slogan: “Here, we peel, we simmer and we debone”. “We work with oxtail, pig’s trotters that we debone and bread,” he adds.

Joël Salzi prepares pig's trotters in a way that makes them so tender...
Joël Salzi prepares pig’s trotters in a way that makes them so tender… (©AS / news Lyon)

Joël Salzi likes to work with quality products and does not hide his desire to make Lyonnaise cuisine less greasy than usual. The former manager of the Paul Bocuse inn explains: “It’s not necessarily a heavy dinner. We try to revisit certain dishes so that they are less raw, less greasy. With us, people eat a menu quite easily. »

The menu at 35 euros

With fine mouths, the goal is to leave feeling good after eating. “Besides, we have a fairly female clientele“, he remarks. “I think we have this more balanced approach than others. Every day, we cook fish and it brings a different touch. »

The starter-dish-dessert menu is 35 euros. It must be said that Joël Salzi takes care to select his products to the point of multiplying the suppliers, all local. He goes to the market himself, then he cooks with his assistant and comes to make sure that his guests have liked his little dishes.

A restaurant that fills up quickly

The 70 seats in his restaurant are often quickly filled, especially on Saturdays. “It’s madness that day. We provide a first service and a lighter second, because we don’t want to rush people. It is better to book a day or two in advance. “It will also be necessary to make arrangements for the Festival of Lights, which will take place from December 8 to 11, 2022. “It’s the rush for four days. We work mainly on reservation at this time. »

Once the customers have enjoyed themselves and tasted a good homemade praline tart, they are directed to another restaurant which is part of the association of Lyon corks. “We do a bit of a tourist guide. We direct them to our colleagues and we give indications on what it is possible to do on Sundays in Lyon. »

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