Foie gras will be rarer on festive tables this year

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    The avian flu which is raging this year on French soil should greatly reduce the supply of foie gras in stores, as the holidays approach. Fortunately, alternatives, sometimes even healthier, remain possible.

    After the mustard shortage, foie gras could also be absent, or less present, on the shelves of your shops at the end of the year. Blame it on the avian flu which is raging this year and which, according to the latest figures in mid-October, required the slaughter of 21.8 million poultry and waterfowl.

    Foie gras: rarer and therefore more expensive

    Thus, the 3,500 producers of foie gras in France are announcing a drop in production of 30 to 40%, for losses of around 500 million euros. A return to normal is not expected before the second half of 2023.

    In the meantime, the Interprofessional Committee for Palmipeds with Foie Gras (CIFOG) announces an inevitable inflation on the product, of the order of 50 cents per share of approximately 40 g, with the approach of the holidays.

    What can I substitute for foie gras?

    However, there is no question of depriving yourself of gluttony. If foie gras is rare this year, this may be an opportunity to try other starters, or other dishes to spread generously on your brioche toast, for an equally healthier alternative. Remember that the force-feeding of ducks and geese leads to a significant increase in fat, for a very energetic fatty liver (440 kcal/100 g).

    • Salmon rillettes, or caviar toast, for fish lovers;
    • Lamb terrines or a pie for those who prefer to stay on a product with meat;
    • Spreads of oilseeds, cheese or vegetable fondue, such as forest terrines;
    • Finally, vegetable versions of foie gras, regularly called “faux gras”, based on oilseeds and vegetables, take up the codes of foie gras (color, texture and presentation) for a completely vegan alternative, toast or in your recipes. To be tested to make up your own mind.

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