Five years after disappearing in Angers, the cat Michou has been found in Les Sables-d’Olonne!

Ladislas Robin, Michou’s master whom he had lost track of five years earlier. He found him this weekend in Les Sables-d’Olonne. ©Ana Delaunay

Ana Delaunay passionately loves cats. Member of the association of free cats of Sables-d’Olonneshe comes to protect and feed stray cats, whether they are abandoned or lost.

This summer, during a feeding session that she usually does at the end of the day, she notices a cat that seems unknown to her. Seeming to be very hungry, the feline is sated and gets into the habit of coming to get its food, as the days go by, near the garage owned by Ana Delaunay.

Castration, a sign of identification

Surprised, the latter wonders where this famous cat can come from. Time passes, the woman is operated on and can no longer go to her garage as frequently. But Ana, obstinate, always keeps in mind the following question: but where can this cat come from?

After his convalescence, she decides, a fortnight ago, to take the twink to the Embruns veterinary clinic, in order to find out a little more about the origin of the animal.

“I noticed that the cat was neutered. Castration is often synonymous with identification in cats. I approached my usual veterinarian for more information. »

Ana Delaunay

The veterinarians actually see that the tomcat has an electronic chip. Ana is initially kept away, the time to check the contact details of the owner(s). After the usual checks, the veterinarians tell him that the cat in question is called Michouthat he is five years old and above all, that his master was located in Chemillé-en-Anjou (Maine-et-Loire). Or 135 kilometers from Les Sables-d’Olonne.

“He thought Michou had been dead for a long time”

Neither one nor two, Ana Delaunay contacted the owner in question. Surprised, moved, the latter who now resides in Paris could not believe his eyes. “He told me he thought Michou had been dead for a long time. That he no longer believed he was alive. »

Since then, his master had adopted a new cat. Then the question of cohabitation with Michou arose. But after several telephone exchanges, the original master decided to come and pick up the cat in Les Sables-d’Olonne, this Saturday, November 5. “He came to pick it up, accompanied by his mother living in Chemillé. She was also very moved. While waiting for their arrival, I had decided to shelter Michou, so that it does not escape again! »

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Because it is indeed a cat, with the legendary fidgeting, in question.

Very big mystery

“His masters assured me that they had no residence in Sables-d’Olonne. They don’t understand why Michou gotten this far and how he was able to stay alive all this time. It had been five years since they had lost track of the cat”, is still surprised Ana Delaunay. For whom this story, beyond the assistance given to this cat, will remain a great mystery.

Ana Delaunay, in the center, accompanied by M.Robin and his mother.
Ana Delaunay, in the center, accompanied by the Robin family, who had lost track of Michou five years earlier. ©Ana Delaunay

Contacted by telephone, Ladislas Robin, Michou’s original master, confirms his joy at having found his cat.

“I thought Michou had been hit by a car or a tractor. When I lost him in the summer of 2017, I had posted posters all over the place, in the Chemillé area. But I had had no return. I was totally amazed when I received the phone call from the Sablais veterinary clinic. »

Ladislas Robin, owner of Michou

Ladislas Robin has decided to let Michou live with his parents, in Chemillé. “Cohabitation in my small apartment would have been far too complicated. »

Which doesn’t prevent Ladislas from having his own opinion on the five-year absence of his little twink.

“He was found in good health. He’s still very outgoing…I believe he was picked up by someone who ultimately treated him well. I think he escaped into the area recently. But his survival, alone, for five years, is almost impossible. Just as he came here, of his own free will. I had never set foot in Les Sables-d’Olonne before this weekend, before recovering Michou. »

Ladislas Robin, owner of Michou

For Ladislas Robin, this story, at the end so pretty, should not make us forget the importance of the identification of cats.

“Pet identification is now mandatory. Don’t forget it! It is also necessary, when you find a stray cat, to take it to a veterinarian, who will check its identification. It’s free and takes less than five minutes! »

Ladislas Robin, owner of Michou

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