Five things to know about the Halles du Brézet, the “food court” which will open in January 2023 in Clermont-Ferrand

“Food what? » If you also don’t know what a « food court » is, then follow the guide. And discover the concept of Les Halles du Brézet.

Perhaps you have already heard of the Halles du Lez, in Montpellier, or the Time out market, in Lisbon. What will open in the Brézet area is in the same vein, on the scale of Clermont-Ferrand of course.During a meeting with future restaurateurs
“The concept is to choose the food you want, explains Kévin Kerguen, one of the leaders of this project. Do you want to eat an Argentinian starter, an Italian dish and a Spanish dessert? It’s possible. »
For this, nothing could be simpler since in a single place are gathered different restaurateurs. This allows the same table, with different tastes, to have fun.

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Where will this “food court” open?

The oldest will evoke Centror, ​​the other Tollens. In the heart of the Brézet area, just next to Bricoman and opposite the Géant Casino, this 2,500 m² industrial building has housed paint companies for years. “We only kept the skeleton, to transform everything else. The asbestos-free roof is ready to accommodate photovoltaic panels. »The five leaders of this project
Strategic positioning for the team. “We are at the eastern entrance to Clermont, on the future Inspire project bus line. Even being on the outskirts, we wanted to be on one of the main arteries of the SMTC. »

What will it look like?

From the entrance, a bar will welcome you, on a surface of 400 m². Wine barrels and large stools will allow you to gather around a drink. “It will be a place of life, of conviviality, with themed evenings, retransmissions of matches…” You will have to climb a few steps (disabled access is provided) to get to the “food court” area.On this plateau, twenty corners, including three containers, will welcome restaurateurs. In the middle, large tables will be installed, but more intimate spaces will also be delimited. “We will be able to receive between 630 to 650 people. »

What cuisines will be offered?

“We have chosen not to have a franchise or fast food. We have twenty restaurants completely independent. And among them, three are project leaders. We wanted to give a chance to new people who wanted to settle down. »

Among the restaurateurs: Céline Goléo and Samia Djebli, at the head of Samcess, place des Bughes.
Spanish, Maghreb, vegan, Portuguese, Indian, Italian, Cretan cuisines but also burgers, fish and chips, pizzas, salads, potatoes, pastries will be on the menu. Enough to treat yourself to a world tour in the same menu.

“An application is being created especially for us. It will allow you to order directly from your smartphone and pay. This will avoid queues. »

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When will the Halles du Brézet open?

It is planned for the end of January 2023. The place will be open every day, from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. for the catering side (even if the restaurateurs will not be obliged to be present in the afternoon) and until 1 hour for the bar.
Text: Marion Chavot

Photos (except architectural drawing): Franck Boileau Name of restaurants.

Most of the 20 restaurateurs were presented on the Halles du Brézet Facebook page.

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